Shabu Shabu Pop Up #01

April 21, 2018

You are invited to join us for our first ever Shabu Shabu Pop Up dinner at my home in Silverlake. My mom Julie's Shabu Shabu is something our family grew up doing since I can remember.  It has been a Christmas Eve tradition for our family over the past several years. As we got older and my sister and I went to college, we hosted Shabu Shabu parties for our schoolmates and it was always a fun time with sake bombs and bets on who would finish their drink last. My mom was always there making sure everybody finished their drink to the last drop.

Fast forward a handful of years and here we are now. A few less sake bombs, but still plenty of laughs, great conversations, and new friends made. Recently my mom and I have been hosting Shabu Shabu dinners for close friends and each one makes for an incredible time. After countless suggestions from friends, we've decided to open this up and share this great experience with everybody. My roommates Peter and Sean have been generous enough to co-host these events at our home in Silverlake. And of course, my mom Julie will be there to make sure we all finish our last drop of our drinks.

Shabu Shabu is a hot pot dinner where you sit around a boiling pot and cook various ingredients usually made up of vegetables, meats and seafood. What makes our Shabu Shabu so unique is the mix of ingredients and my mom's specialty sauce that we'll teach you how to customize in your individual bowls.

Seats are very limited, so please reserve your seat by filling out the form below. If seats are still available, we ask you to venmo us ahead of time to reserve your spot(s). The address will be texted to you the day before dinner on Friday, April 20th.

$30 / person.

Suggested drinks:
Beer - asian beers are always great (i.e. Tsingtao, Taiwan Beer, Sapporo, Asahi, etc.)
Sake - although this is mainly Japanese, it makes for a great shabu shabu experience. Especially when paired with beer for sake bombs it makes for an even better experience.
WWW - Wine, Whiskey, Whatever the heck you want.

- Keegan Fong

**Please note, shabu shabu is a community and family style dinner. All ingredients are passed around on shared plates and there is a chance you may be sharing a pot with a stranger. This is the beauty of it and makes for the best conversation.


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