Life & Thyme • The House We Build Our Parents

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Special thanks to Life & Thyme and Melanie Loon for writing such an amazing piece on Woon and it’s story. There are too many pull quotes from Melanie that really hit home as a Chinese-American. Many of the details at Woon are intentional and personal, but we can only take that experience so far for our guests. My sister and I grew up on this food, these plates, my mom’s furniture, but it’s up to our visitors to interpret all that. From time to time there will be a guest that mentions how nostalgic Woon is to them (Melanie was one of them), and that’s when it resonates with me the most. It’s those moments that remind me why we built this place. It’s not for the reviews, Yelpers, Insta posts, it’s to tell our story and welcome as many guests as we can just like @mamafongmakes did at her home. It’s up to all our guests to interpret it from there.

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Interview with WestwoodWestwood

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Style and culture site, WestwoodWestwood, recently came to chat about Woon’s beginnings and how our closest friends and family built this restaurant. Click here for the full feature.


Noodle Love • Eater LA "The Best Dishes Eater LA Editors Ate This Week, April 2018"


It’s impossible to not be pulled in by the sizzling wok scents of noodles mixing with oil, garlic, beef, and bok choy over high heat. That’s exactly what Eastside pop-up Woon Kitchen wants to hear, and is precisely the reason the family-run team has been selling out at their monthly engagements behind cocktail bar ETA in Highland Park. Fans come early for the made-to-order noodles and pork belly bao buns, and with Woon’s current limited engagement schedule there’s sure to be a sellout in a matter of hours. Luckily those wok-kissed noodles will be popping up more and more in the coming months all over the city, and there are plans afoot to go permanent with a standalone structure somewhere not far from Highland Park. Until then, it’s all Instagram dreams and future pop-up plans, with eager fans trying to smell those noodles through their phone. —Farley Elliott


Noodle Love • LA Taco "Meet the Family Behind the Noodle Pop-Up That Always Sells Out"

Is there a better food to accompany a night of drinking than expertly charred noodles?

The loyal customers who show up in droves to WOON’s noodle pop-up time after time for the last four years don’t think so. At their last event on February 1st at ETA, it wasn’t even two hours into the service that was supposed to run from 6 p.m. to “late” when the bar owner stepped out to inform the line of about half a dozen people lined up just to get inside. “We’re on our last orders, so no guarantee that you’ll get food. Sorry!”

This scenario is common for the Fong family, no matter how many covers they prep for.

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